About the Rom people

Romani.org home page: an excellent portrait of the Rom people by the Rom people


Rom religion and culture


"Bury Me Standing: the Gypsies and their Journey", by Isabel Fonseca


Rom musicians and bands

Yuri Yunakov, a Turkish-Bulgarian Roma who "is a founder and one the biggest stars of Bulgaria's wildly popular 'wedding music' scene" http://www.rootsworld.com/rw/feature/yunakov.html
Ivo Papasov, "a towering figure of the contemporary Bulgarian wedding music movement" http://entertainment.msn.com/artist/?artist=124295
Esma Redzepova, one of the greatest divas of the Rom music world http://www.esma.com.mk/

Boston and other international folk dance and world music bands and musicians

Boston-based Cambridge Folk Orchestra, the granddaddy of international folk dance bands http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/CFO.html
Tom Pixton...Pinewoods band leader...acclaimed accordionist...author (with his lovely wife Barbara) of the Pinewoods International Collection, otherwise known as the "Purple Book"...need anything more be said? http://www.pixton.org/
Folk Arts Center of New England's International Music Club, international folk dance musician boot camp. Come build your rep! http://www.facone.org
Tatiana Sarbinska: world-renowned Balkan singer, director of Zornitsa (Boston-based Balkan men's vocal ensemble) and Divi Zheni (Boston-based Balkan women's vocal ensemble) http://www.tatianasarbinska.com/
Zdravets...Boston's "friendly neighborhood Bulgarian band" featuring monthly dance parties in Arlington, MA http://www.zdravets.com/
Zlatne Uste, that wild and crazy brass band: "an internationally known group of American-born musicians playing traditional music of the Balkans, particularly representing Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Romany (Gypsy) traditions". The folks that bring you the Golden Festival in NYC. http://www.zlatneuste.org/

Camps, organizations

Folk Arts Center of New England...your one-stop shopping resource for international folk dance and music throughout New England and beyond http://www.facone.org/
East European Folklife Center: "a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to educate the general public about the the folk music, folk dance, and folklore in the Balkans through promoting and sponsoring activities which honor and celebrate the richness of these cultures; and to foster understanding and respect of all peoples through shared experiences of Balkan cultures". Runs Balkan Camp in summer in western MA and in Mendocino CA, and Balkanalia camp in Oregon. http://www.eefc.org
New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA): the folks that "every year establish and run a three-day city of music, dance, sweat and mayhem to the great enjoyment of all involved" in Natick, MA. If you attend one folk festival in your life, make it NEFFA. http://www.neffa.org/
World Camp, Plymouth, MA...terrific camp featuring traditional dances and music from Greece, Turkey, Croatia. Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. http://www.worldcamp.us/
Balkan Music Night: a lifetime's worth of Balkan music in a single solid-packed evening, once a year. http://mysite.verizon.net/theforsyths/bmn/
Always on Sunday international folk dance group, participatory dancing in Hartford CT since 1994 http://pages.cthome.net/ctdance/AOSHome.html
MIT Folk Dance Club: participatory folk dance for beginners on up http://www.mit.edu:8001/activities/fdc/home.html


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